miércoles, 30 de julio de 2008

Veneral Messiah - Decorations Of Decapitation (2008)

Genre: Brutal Goregrind
Album: Decorations Of Decapitation
Country: USA

1.Arterial Spray

2.Disposible Enema

3.Engulfing The Remnants Of A Devoured Womb

4.Compete (Rasp Cover)

5.Prelude To A Suicide (Instrumental)

6.Impaled Erection

7.The Butcher

8.Mutilated Genitalia

9.Postmortem Mutilation

10.C-Train Dissection

11.Engraved In Gore

12.Entrails Extracted

13.Gruesomely Gutted

14.Splintered Shit Stick

15.Bloody Anal Drip

16.Fecal Decay

17.Rancid Vaginal Taco Cheese

18.Beware The Mullet

19.Mortally Wounded

20.Hooked Flesh

21.Precoital Evisceration

22.Afterbirth Engorgement

23.Eye Socket Sodomy