domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2007

VIGILIA MORTUM - Bloody Remorse


2.The Soldier's Memory02:06
3.Up To Last A Bloody Drop02:36
4.The Sniper's Notes03:09
5.Bloody Remorse04:16
6.War In The Subconsciousness02:59
7.Demon Of Hate03:00
8.The Son Of Soldier02:36
9.He Is A Killer02:38
10.TNT (AC/DC cover)03:21




1.Christianity's Ways of Blood

2.Either a Killer or Poet

3.Vigilia Mortum

4.Shadows of the Dead City

5.The Invoking

6.A Man

7.The Happy Dead

8.Pretty Girl


VIGILIA MORTUM - Transformation To The Dust



2.The Order of Plague

3.Dr. Polm

4.Slave of Dampground


6.Intro 2

7.Transformation to the Dust

8.Creature at the Threshold

9.Bloody Contract



Chaska - Imperio Caido

01. Chaska - Sweet Lover
02. Chaska - Imperio Caido
folk metal desde peru

Caninus - Now The Animals Have Voice

Caninus - Now The Animals Have Voice

Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Basil #1
3. Brindle Brickheads (Unpredicted Ferocity)
4. Bite The Hand That Breeds You
5. Studio Guy Gets Pissed
6. Fear The Dog (Religious Myths)
7. Budgie #1
8. New York Crew (Loyal Like A Stone)
9. No Dogs, No Masters
10. Human Rawhide
11. Misunderstood Machines (Fuck The Media)
12. Locking Jaws

Vocals: Budgie, Basil
Guitars: Sudz Exodus, Belle Molotov
Bass: Buddy Bronson
Drums: Thunder Hammer
Drums on "Locking Jaws": Rocky Raccoon

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Perros "cantando" Grind.

Fortid - Voluspa part II - The arrival of Fenris

Track Listing
1 - Bifrost
2 - Odin's Sacrifice
3 - Baldur's Murder
4 - World Of Hel
5 - The Arrival Of Fenris
6 - Nastrond
7 - The Presence

Fortid - Voluspa part I - Thor´s anger


1. Into Battle
2. An Ode to the Raven
3. Ymir's Death
4. Creations
5. Birth of Men
6. Thor's Anger
7. The Past

Mindsnare / Black Christian Sun

Mindsnare / Black Christian SunTracklist:

Scorn of the defeated
Black crystal sun
Gladiator [ Intro ]
I shall never fall
Along the shores of styx [ Live ]
Blood and dust [ Live ]
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Pass: Suicide

sábado, 29 de septiembre de 2007

GOD AMONG INSECTS - World Wide Death


01. Legions of Darkness
02. A Gush of Blood
03. Headless Nun Whore
04. Wretched Hatching
05. Chainsawed Christians
06. Purified in Carnage
07. Uprising of the Rotten
08. Severe Facial Reconstruction
09. Uhr-Nazuur


Urgehal - Rise of the Monument (1995)

1.Maatte Blodet Flomme04:56[view lyrics]
2.Souls Of Black Blood07:15
3.Fortarl Av Skogens Skapninger03:51
4.En Legende Av Morket04:08
5.Towards Dimension Unseen05:21
6.The Forest Of Illusion04:42
Total playing time30:13

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pass: cirithgorgor
Genre(s) Black Metal

Emperor - In the Nightside Eclipse (1994)

2.Into The Infinity Of Thoughts08:14[view lyrics]
3.The Burning Shadows Of Silence05:36[view lyrics]
4.Cosmic Keys To My Creations & Times06:06[view lyrics]
5.Beyond The Great Vast Forest06:01[view lyrics]
6.Towards the Pantheon05:57[view lyrics]
7.The Majesty Of The Nightsky04:54[view lyrics]
8.I Am The Black Wizards06:01[view lyrics]
9.Inno A Satana04:48[view lyrics]
Total playing time48:29

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Genre(s) Symphonic Black Metal (early), Symphonic Extreme Metal (later)

Wyrd - Tuonela (2006)

2.Ominous Insomnia (demo version)07:25[view lyrics]
Total playing time15:55

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Genre(s) Pagan Black Metal

Wyrd - Kammen (2007)

1.The Hounds of the Falls10:15[view lyrics]
2.Cold in the Earth04:52[view lyrics]
3.October07:27[view lyrics]
4.These Empty Rooms05:47[view lyrics]
5.Kammen05:29[view lyrics]
6.The Last Time06:48[view lyrics]
7.Rajalla17:53[view lyrics]
8.Soulburn06:32[view lyrics]
9.I Break (Katatonia cover)04:24[view lyrics]
Total playing time01:09:27

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Genre(s) Pagan Black Metal

Destructor Mosh - Violent Rehearsall (2007)

1.Nuclear Devastation

2.Useless Priest
[view lyrics]
3.Thrashers Minds
[view lyrics]
4.Society In Decadence

5.Destructor Mosh
[view lyrics]
Total playing time17:57

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Genre(s) Thrash Metal from Chile

Dark Messiah - Rise of Black Dawn (2007)

1.Religious Sheep04:01
2.Antichristian Sins04:08
3.Black Storm of Hate03:38
4.Wrath Rules this World03:03
5.Mirrored Reality04:22
Total playing time19:06

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Behexen - Blessed Be the Darkness (1998)

1.Saatanan Varjon Synkkyydessä06:00[view lyrics]
2.The Flames Of The Blasphemer05:58
3.Blessed Be The Darkness05:10
Total playing time17:08

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Genre(s) Black Metal

Walknut - Graveforests and Their Shadows (2007)

2.Motherland Ostenvegr10:32[view lyrics]
3.Come, Dreadful Ygg10:55[view lyrics]
4.The Midnightforest of The Runes04:30
5.Grim Woods11:44[view lyrics]
Total playing time42:52

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Genre(s) Atmospheric Black Metal

Horna - Pimeyden Hehku (2007)

2.Avain Tuhossani04:41
3.Kirotun Käden Kosketus04:14
4.Verisellä Ovella05:38
Total playing time20:06

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Genre(s) Black Metal

SEVERE TORTURE - Sworn Vengeance (2007)

Brutal Death

1.Dismal Perception

2.Serenity Torn Asunder

3.Fight Something

4.Repeat Offender

5.Countless Villans

6.Dogmasomatic Nausea

7.Redefined Identity

8.Buried Hatchet

9.Sworn Vengeance

10.Submerged in Grief


Neoandertals - Neanderthals Were Master Butchers (2007)

1.Neanderthals Were Master Butchers03:45[view lyrics]
2.Defleshing the Cadaver Before Burial03:00[view lyrics]
3.Sliced By Man03:03[view lyrics]
4.The Mysterious Demise03:14[view lyrics]
5.Rebirth Of An Ancient Menace03:23[view lyrics]
6.Spawning Of Species01:55[view lyrics]
7.Abolition03:41[view lyrics]
8.Neo-Neanderthals Travelling Through Consumed Continents03:17[view lyrics]
9.Brooding Over A Dead Breed04:20[view lyrics]
Total playing time29:38

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Genre(s) Brutal Death/Grind

Vader - Beware The Beast (2007)

Set List:
01 - Dark Transmission (333.version)
02 - Stranger in the Mirror

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DEATH VOMIT - Death Vomit


1. She Is Dead
2. The Howling
3. Death Vomit
4. Leprous
5. The Monastic Wall
6. A Town
7. The Morn Approach
8. Mind's Eye


viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2007

Profugus Mortis / So It Begins

Profugus Mortis / So It Begins
Profugus Mortis - So it Begins

The Fallen
Arm Yourself
The Darkest Hour
Upon The Raging Storm
The Beauty Of This Form
Last Pain

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Pass: Suicide

DEAD INFECTION - Brain Corrosion


1.It's Over01:12
2.Crazy Bucket00:31
3.Beware! My Name Is Thunderbolt!00:54
4.Satan's Hole02:26
5.Take Your Pants Off02:42
6.The Corpse of Uncombed Devil01:07
7.All To Nothing01:28
8.Brother's Embalming02:30
9.Our Grandfather02:01
10.Gory Inspiration01:23
11.F8 Set of Two Rolls...01:05
12.Brutal Murder In Dr Petru Groza01:43
13.Easy Come Easy Go01:16
14.You Broke My T-Shirt01:22
16.Rich Zombie01:38
17.Snakes And Ants01:51
18.Pull The Wire01:30
19.Deaf Death02:07
20.No Smoking01:05
21.Dressed In Moles01:39
22.Let's Have Some Fun01:34


Pegazus / Wings Of Destiny

Pegazus / Wings Of DestinyTracklisting
1. Wings Of Steel
2. Cry Out
3. Braveheart
4. Mother Earth
5. Enchanted Worlds
6. Life On Mars
7. The Werewolf
8. Withes Hex
9. Destiny

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Pass: Suicide

GLOSSECTOMY - Unfinished Album

Brutal Death

7.Behold The Stuck Limbs


After Forever / Invisible Circles.

After Forever / Invisible Circles.


1. Childhood In Minor
2. Beautiful Emptiness
3. Between Love And Fire
4. Sins Of Idealism
5. Eccentric
6. Digital Deceit
7. Through Square Eyes
8. Blind Pain
9. Two Sides
10. Victim Of Choices
11. Reflections
12. Life's Vortex

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Pass: Suicide

Opeth / Ghost Reveries

A Peticion.

Opeth / Ghost Reveries

Track Listings

1. Ghost of Perdition (10:29)
2. The Baying of the Hounds (10:41)
3. Beneath the Mire (7:57)
4. Atonement (6:28)
5. Reverie / Harlequin Forest (11:39)
6. Hours of Wealth (5:20)
7. The Grand Conjuration (10:21)
8. Isolation Years (3:51)

Total Time: 66:46

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Pass: Suicide

Si me equivoco de genero me avisan

Mortem / Death Is My Name

Mortem / Death Is My Name

Genre:Death Metal

1. Have You Ever Killed? 03:27
2. Fresh Human Meat 04:20
3. My Name Is Death 04:11
4. Coroner`s Report 02:46
5. Oozing Yellow Slime 03:41
6. Just Blood (Is It A Crime?) 03:39
7. Bifurcation Of The Person 03:30
8. Confession Of The Serial Killer 02:58

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Pass: Suicide

Epilepsia - Thrash Again

03.Alma Atormentada
04.Cuando Corroe La Ambicion
05.Impulso Letal
06.Triste Lugar
07.El Anticristo
09.Escoria de la Humanidad
10.Laberinto de Esquizofrenia
11.Mas alla de la muerte esta la felicidad que busco
12.Regreso a la Realidad
13.Thrash Again
Thrash metal desde peru


Windir - 1184 (2001)

genero : thash black metal
03.Dance of Mortal Lust
04.The Spiritlord
07.Black New Age
08.Journey to the End

Becoming The Archetyper / Terminate Damnation

Becoming The Archetyper / Terminate Damnation

Genre:Death Metal

  1. March Of The Dead
  2. Into Oblivion
  3. One Man Parade
  4. Elegy
  5. Night's Sorrow
  6. The Epigone
  7. Beyond Adaptation
  8. No Fall Too Far
  9. Ex Nihilo
  10. Denouement
  11. The Trivial Paroxysm
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Pass: Suicide

Abyssos - Fhinsthanian Nightbreed

track list:

  1. Masquerade In Flames (Another Black Friday)
  2. Finally I Kiss The Pale Horse
  3. Where Even Angels Fear To Tread
  4. She Only Flies At Night
  5. Worthless Soul For Sale?
  6. Fhinsthanian Nightbreed
  7. Queen Covered In Black
  8. Wherever The Witches Might Fly
  9. Firebreathing Whore

Cirith Ungol - One foot in hell

Gran grupo heavy ochentero, para quienes gustan de Metal Church
1. Blood And Iron
2. Chaos Descends
3. The Fire
4. Nadsokor
5. 100 Miles Per Hour
6. War Eternal
7. Doomed Planet
8. One Foot In Hell

Abyssos - Together we summon the dark

buen grupo black

  • 1/ We hail thy entrance
  • 2/ Misty autumn dance
  • 3/Banquet in the dark (black Friday)
  • 4/ Lord of the sombre reborn
  • 5/ In fear they left the world unseen
  • 6/ As the sky turns black again (love eternal)
  • 7/ Together we summon the dark
  • 8/ I've watched the moon grow old
  • 9/ Through the gloom into the fire

Dark Silence - Princess of the dark

Princess of de dark
1. Toccata & fuga.
2. Circle of pain.
3. Princess of the dark.
4. Denying a dream.
5. Autumnal mist.
6. When the nightfall come.
7. Emerald castle
DArk gotic metal desde peru

DarK SilenCe - A whisper in the darkness

A whisper in the darkness
1. Intro - Klaro de luna.
2. The last sunset to be fre.
3. Enchanted forest.
4. Lock up the fear.
5. Circle of pain (version kompleta).
6. Outro - Clouds.BonuS
7. Fuego de sangre (en vivo).
8. The last sunset to be fre (en vivo).
Dark gotic metal desde peru.

Belzec - The Art of Holocaust

1.Legions of the death (introI)
2.Invokings the swords of black art
3.Hail satanic victory
4.under the guillotine from hell
5.welcome to belzec (introII)
6.Antichristian supremacy
7.In the memory of the hate
8.In The name of holocaust
9.Desert of immortal hymns
10.Infernal kingdom (outro)

black metal desde peru

Gore - Necrotic Feast

1.Human Corpse.
2.Rectal Feast.
3.Delicious Subcutaneous Tissue.
4.Cadaveric Hepatic Ulceration.
5.Ocular Acid Glue.
6.Acrimony Flesh.
7.Not Been Born.
death grind metal desde peru

Velatorio - Devour Dreams of the Mystic Mountain

01.velatorio - Strange Peace
02.velatorio - Astral Storm
03.velatorio - Karma Explosion
04.velatorio - Echoes Of The Forest
05.velatorio - Naturaleza
06.velatorio - Sacred Mountain
Black metal desde perú

Anal Vomit - From Peruvian Hell 2002

from peruvian hell
2.The Ancient Legacy
3.Gods of Perdition
4.Desecration of Priest
5.Tormented by the Ghouls
black metal desde peru

Goat Semen y Anal Vomit - Devotos del Diablo .(split 2004 berc)

00.Anal vomit - goat semen devotos del diablo - ltd.ed.(split 2004 berc)
01.Anal vomit - slaved minds berc
02.Anal vomit - symbolic act berc
03.Anal vomit - escaping berc
04.Anal vomit - averns goddess (hadez cover) berc
05.Anal vomit - into the eternal agony berc
06.Goat semen - goat semen berc
07.Goat semen - sodom graves - berc
08.Goat semen - medre muerte - berc
09.Goat semen - warfare noise - berc
10.Goat semen - at luzbels beheld - berc
11.Goat semen - pachacamac god - berc
12.Goat semen - oracle of the sand - berc
black metal desde perú

octinomos - fuckhole armageddon 2001

Genero : black metal
01.fuckhole armageddon
03.holy ignorance
04.come to jesus
06.thermonuclear salvation

Octinomos - 1999 Welcome To My Planet

Genero : black metal
01.niclear blitz.
02.divine terror.
03.atomic night. pulverization.
05.totalitarian might.
06.plutonium love.
07.genocide mass.

Octinomos - On the Demiurge - 1995

1. Ground Shall Sorrow Be
2. Slaves
3. Awaiting the Ungod
4. Into the Shadows
5. Beyond Salvation
6. As All Is Lost
7. On the Demiurge
8. Moribound World
9. Star of the Apocalypse
10. Nuit Fauvres

Nahual - Massive Onslaught From Hell

1.Nahual - Intro
2.Nahual - El Castillo Trimensor
3.Nahual - Mask Of Some God
4.Nahual - Karnyna & Aradia (Satan's Whores)
5.Nahual - From Kether To Malkuth (Nine Sephiroths Of Hell)
6.Nahual - Blackhearts
7.Nahual - Skeleton Of Death
8.Nahual - Of Fragmented Skies And Weapons9.Nahual - T.S.T.A.S. (Elegy Of Devastation And Death)
black metal desde peru

Graupel - Als der Nebel ... (2001)

1.Intro01:00[view lyrics]
2.Graupel02:57[view lyrics]
3.Seelenkampf03:59[view lyrics]
4.Zwergennacht04:19[view lyrics]
5.Ringgeister04:39[view lyrics]
6.Kriegerherz04:20[view lyrics]
7.Weiß Wie Schnee (bonus track)03:30[view lyrics]
Total playing time24:44
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Genre(s) Raw Black Metal

The Old Dead Tree - The Water Fields (2007)

1.Start The Fire03:33[view lyrics]
2.Don't Wake Me Up (Those Who Never Wear White)02:27[view lyrics]
3.Dive04:51[view lyrics]
4.What's Done Is Done05:06
5.The Water Fields05:02
6.Is Your Soul For Sale?04:10[view lyrics]
7.A Distant Light Was Shining03:46[view lyrics]
8.Regarding Kate04:39[view lyrics]
9.Rise To The Occasion05:44
11.This Is Now Farewell04:57
Total playing time46:54

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pass: cirithgorgor

Shatter Messiah - God Burns Like Flesh (2007

2.God Burns Like Flesh02:48
3.Hidden Track04:17
5.Stripped of Faith03:56
6.Dirge of the Christ05:48
7.Buried in Black07:04
8.This is the Day04:23
9.Tommorow Immortal07:00
Total playing time44:40

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pass: cirithgorgor
Genre(s) Power/Thrash Metal