lunes, 21 de julio de 2008

Corpse Carving - Grotesque Goratorium: Disemboweled Gorific Feast (2005)

Genre: Goregrind/Deathmetal
Album: Grotesque Goratorium: Disemboweled Gorific Feast
Country: Australia, Tasmania

1.A Morticians Feast Pt1 - Gourmet Flesh Sorbet

2.Worming The Amputee - Fucking Defleshed Stumps

3.Headless Disgorgement - Decapiated And Ingested

4.Skinned And Cauterized - A Mangled Mess Of Muscle And Bone

5.Drenched In Visceral Excretions And Excrement - Aftermath Of Emasculation

6.A Morticians Feast Pt2 - Human Hors D"Oeuvre

7.Enveloped in Putrified Orifice (Entangled in Entrails)

8.Disseverment Of Mortuary Remnants - Deceased, Defiled And Dissected

9.Cadaverous Gutting Of A Foetal Form - The Splattered Progeny

10.Malformed And Bursting When Impregnated With Putridity

11.Grotesque Goratorium - Disemboweled Gorific Feast

12.Dilapidated Bowels - Impalement Induced Gut Eruption

13.To Molest Ones Own Art Pt1 - Screwing The Slaughtered

14.Necrotic Vivisection - Dripping From The Entrails

15.Hacksaw Caesarian - Fetus Internally Castrated

16.Quagmire Of Hacked And Rotting Mass

17.Butchering And Coursing Thru The Evisceration Fragments

18.To Molest Ones Own Art Pt2 - Primitive Perversity

19.Gangrenous Corpse Pile - Stenching Erosive Septic Meat

20.A Morticians Feast Pt3 - Gruesome Slurp For Dessert

21.A Rotten Internal Decomposing Sewage Coagulation

22.Reservoir Of Repugnance - The Dwelling Of Deformity

23.Intestines With Innards - A Fetid Stew Of Penetralia

24.Perpetual Hemoglobin Solidification Within Folded Flesh

*Sick band from the land of Kangaroo´s.