domingo, 20 de abril de 2008

Fleshcrawl 2000 "as blood rains from the sky..."

1.March of the Dead (Intro) 02:00
2.Path of Endless Fire 01:52
3.Under the Banner of Death 03:27
4.As Blood Rains From the Sky 03:14
5.Embraced by Evil 03:29
6.The Dark Side of My Soul 04:31
7.Swords of Darkness (Exciter cover) 03:25
8.Impure Massacre of Bloody Souls 03:56
9.Creation of Wrath 03:40
10.Graves of the Tortured 03:40
11.Feed the Demon's Heart 05:21
12.The Day Man Lost (Carnage cover) 01:16
Total playing time 39:51