jueves, 28 de febrero de 2008

Sathanas - Bathym - Jaws Of Satan Split 2002

Blackened Death Metal

Tracks 1-4 = Sathanas Demo I `88 "Ripping Evil"
Tracks 5-7 = Sathanas Live Pittsburgh '88
Tracks 8-11 = Bathym Demo I `90 "Into Darkness"
Tracks 12-14 = Bathym Rehearsals Early 90's
Tracks 15-16 = Bathym Demonic Force `91 EP

1. Jaws of Satan 02:50
2. Blood Sacrifice 02:54
3. Sathanas 03:11
4. Hail Lucifer 05:06
5. Jaws of Satan 02:58
6. Nocturnal Hell (SLAUGHTER cover) 03:20
7. Blood Sacrifice 02:41
8. Palace of Belial 05:36
9. Into Darkness 04:50
10. Legion of Hate 04:46
11. Congregation of The Dead 04:05
12. Watch `em Bleed 04:34
13. Wicked Prophets 03:53
14. Angels Demise 04:33
15. Demonic Force 03:41
16. Amputate 03:50

Total playing time 01:02:48


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Mario Rivera said...

What´s wrong with this one man?? it´s not available anywhere, all pages/links are down...Could it have to be with the stupid copyright bulshit????? Would it be possible for you to re upload this album and also all other Sathanas releases??? I have ripping evil at .320 from a lonf time ago, I also have a KILLER unbelivable liveshow from 1-1-1988 ultra soundboard sound, I got it directly from Don Crotsley from Nunslaughter when i used to live up in the States, but it is a cassette, and I don´t know how the fuck to upload it, but I would really like to do so, I´m sure a lot os Sathanas freaks would love it.... I also remember that I got ripped off back in the 90´s (of the black earth CD)when I ordered a copy of this disc...never heard it....I even thought it hadn´t realy been released after all.... Please re upload if possible, thanks.