jueves, 28 de febrero de 2008

Impending Doom (Ger) - Caedes Sacrilegae 1997

1.Caedes Sacrilegae02:12
2.Aeon Of Dreams06:36[view lyrics]
3....Be My Blood Of The Night05:02[view lyrics]
4.Draculs Passion By The Light Of The Bloodmoon08:54[view lyrics]
5.My Goddess06:40[view lyrics]
6.Autumn Silence06:00[view lyrics]
7.Funeral Pile04:46[view lyrics]
8.Revelation Of Baphomet07:57[view lyrics]
9.Downfall Of God06:48[view lyrics]
10.Impending Doom03:25[view lyrics]
Total playing time58:20

PASS: vhohell